Mayfair House

Project Description

Refurbishing and extending a house in one of London’s most exclusive areas can be a very challenging prospect for all those involved: the client, the architect, the consultants and the contractor. The first step that the client and architect must jointly take is to establish if the brief can be ‘made to fit’ within the property he/she are about to purchase for a substantial amount of money. By ‘fit’ I don’t just mean in terms of an architectural proposal and a cost plan – these are givens, but also in terms of Planning, Estate and Landlord’s consents, and any other hurdles which must be overcome in order to ascertain with a degree of certainty if the house is ‘fit for purpose’. It’s a sort of de riguer form of preventive medicine, and this project has benefitted greatly from this cautious and informed approach.
The project design ethos, wholly shared by the client, is quite simple: a singular, elegant sculptural form – the sculptural bronzed metal stair shown in the drawings and images  – which binds together volumes that maximise the available space within the Victorian envelope of the house. Where possible, the original features are retained and enhanced, and new materials and technology are introduced: tradition and modernity coexisting in harmony. All of this is brought together, refurbished and built to the highest standards by skilled builders and craftsmen who feel passionately about what they do.