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Lyndon Douglas
Peter Cook
Alessandra Santarelli
Chris Edgecombe

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Studio and portraiture by Julian Anderson

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Thank you

I would like to warmly thank David Magyar, my partner and great friend of nearly 30 years, without whom most of the projects on this website simply wouldn't have seen the light of day. 

I also would like to thank David Hawkins and James of Untitled, for their excellent work and extreme patience in developing this website, as well as Raffaele Pe who was an invaluable sounding board throughout its long development. 

And finally thank you to Julian Anderson, Peter Cook, Lyndon Douglas, Chris Edgecombe and Alessandra Santarelli, without whose outstanding photography there would have been no website, and to Michael Evamy for having written the text, no easy task, as the overarching ideas propelling the site design, kept twisting and turning until the very end!